Friday, May 8, 2009


Oh would you look at that? I have an online presence.

It lives HERE

It was created from scratch in Dreamweaver CS3. Images were processed using Photoshop CS3. I've kept it simple because fancy websites are annoying and take forever to load, also because it takes forever to muck around with stuff manually.

Look at the cute little favicon.

Creating An Online Presence

Sooo. I've been instructed to create an online presence.
3 ways of achieving this include:

-Creating another blog on a site such as blogger or wordpress dedicated to my work as an artist
-Through an online community like The Big Idea where I could share my art and network with other artists
-Creating a website from scratch like a real man.

Creating a website is a walk in the park, and creating another blog is a walk in the park with a guide dog, training wheels and water wings. So, to prevent looking like a total moron in public, I'm going for the website option.