Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Software

There is such thing in this world as Free Software. This software is able to be copied, redistributed, used and even altered without restriction. For it to truly be "Free Software" it must be released with it's source code (so that users may change and improve the software) and a notice granting users permission to use it in the ways described above.

This is not to be confused with Freeware, which is software that is released free of charge, but without the privilege of Open Source.

5 Software programmes that are free:
-Gimp (an image editor like Adobe Photoshop)
-Audacity (a wave editor like Adobe Audition)
-Debian (an operating system like Windows)
-Abi Word (a word processor like Microsoft Word)
-Pidgin (an instant messaging client like Windows Live Messenger)

Below I have embedded a brief video on it's beginnings.

Open Source Beginnings from Alix Fullerton on Vimeo.

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