Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Images saved in Digital Literacy thus far...

Below is my scanned image from week 4, and a version I digitally coloured using Photoshop CS3 at home.

And here are my 5 photos...

Above is a photo I took of the place I used to live in the Waikato. I opened it in photoshop and adjusted the curves and saturation before adding a border.

This is a photo taken in Rarotonga last year. The RAW image was processed and cropped in photoshop.

My friend's band playing at the Invercargill musos club. Once again the image was processed in CS3 from RAW.

A building near where I once lived in Invercargill. Curves and saturation were altered in photoshop. I also did a little bit of dodging and burning to bring out the sky.

Another shot of my old home in the Waikato. Processed in CS3.

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